Friday, January 8, 2016

Delvin Perez and the Play of Insanity

Delvin Perez, a wiry, Puerto Rican high school shortstop is trying to follow the footsteps of fellow islanders Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor as first round picks in the Amateur Draft. His defense is well ahead of his bat at this point, with great range, speed, instincts, and athleticism. The following play certainly didn't hurt his draft stock:
Video credit: Dave Kirilloff and the Language of Hitting

Skip to 1:03 to see how his body is contorted when he makes this throw. The sheer athleticism he displayed by making this play is absolutely unbelievable. How many MLB shortstops can make this play? Simmons? Crawford? Hechevarria?

I will write more on Perez when profiling draft-eligible high school infielders in a later post, which will be followed by several mock drafts leading up to June. But for now, let's all just stop and admire this insane defensive play. Wow.